School for Unlearning Zionism

The School for Unlearning Zionism is a space in which knowledge that does not belong to a hegemonic discourse is shared. We hereby invite you to participate in our October program.

The School for Unlearning Zionism originated in Berlin (as a place between Tel Aviv and Ramallah), from a group of Jewish Israelis seeking to be part of a movement for equality in Palestine/Israel and to deconstruct systems built on inequality, oppression, and exploitation.

In our desire to be partners in struggles within unequal power relations we recognize the importance of having these discussions amongst ourselves as well as the importance of creating learning spaces in which non-hegemonic knowledge can be shared and heard in broader contexts. 

The October Program

The October Program is dedicated to (re)negotiation work in the face of the Zionist narrative (with its many meanings and political consequences). Unlearning Zionism begins, for us, with the recognition that knowledge is created within systems of power and continues with working towards forming spaces based on visions of equality – between the river and the sea – and beyond.

Throughout October our school doors will be open and we invite you to join in the practice of unlearning Zionism. Together we will listen to lectures, reflect and exchange thoughts, watch movies, and participate in various workshops in Hebrew and in English.

The study sessions will take place online, in addition to an exhibition which will be presented in the Kunsthalle of the Kunsthochschule in Berlin.

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Links: 2.10. Film “On The Side Of The Road” , Shortfilm “Ocean”